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COVID-19 Communication

Dear Parents,

Camp West Woods will open its 46th’s summer season on June 22nd! This summer, children will need camp more than ever. We are anticipating an amazing summer and planned to deliver most programs as scheduled while safely following state guidelines.

We embrace this challenge and appreciate the support expressed by so many of our camp families. It has not been easy for any of us these past months, and has been especially hard on young people. We want to ease our campers—your children—back into a summertime of healthy socialization, fresh air, fun, and friendship. We cherish our partnership with parents to achieve these goals and are confident that with the cooperation of parents, guardians and staff we can bring our campers together again. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our COVID-19 procedures, please contact us at office@campwestwoods.com or call us at 781-341-4424


At Camp West Woods, our main priority is the health and safety of your child and staff. Our goal is to be able to communicate all information regarding that Camp West Woods will be doing in response to COVID-19.  In order for us to provide your child with a happy and healthy summer, we will be implementing various plans and procedures to minimize the possible spread.

CDC/ACA/MA DPH Guidelines

We have been working diligently to stay up to date and informed with the American Camp Association, the CDC, local and State Health Departments to discuss and determine how we will run the most safe camp that we can this summer. Additional information was released on June 4th regarding camps / pool programs. As per guidelines, we made some difficult choices and adjusted camp operations for 2020

          Summer 2020 (COVID-19 Mitigation Plan)

We have made these decisions out of best interest for your campers and our staff’s safety. Below are changes to programs that are required as per guidance from CDC / ACA / MA DPH / Stoughton Board of Health to operate camp this summer.

Camp Hours / Pickup / Drop-off

Camp hours will be from 9 AM – 4 PM. Campers drop-off (8:30 AM – 9 AM) / pickup (3:30 PM – 4 PM) will be based on their group assignment. Parents having more than one campers attending camp will need to plan come 2 or more times. We understand this will be inconvenient for some families and appreciate their cooperation and understanding in implementing the process. The time for pickup / drop off will be provided by no later than June 18th. All pickup / drop off will occur from upper parking lot (near Pre-School building that is next to exit entry)

Extended Day/Morning

This summer, we will not be offering an extended morning or extended day due to guidelines limiting the mixing of groups. Full refund will be issued to all registered campers for extended days.

Minimum Camper Age Restrictions (Lower Camp Cancellation)

Due to physical distancing requirements and guidelines for pool operations issued by board of health, we are unable to host campers entering Pre-K to Kindergarten. We made this difficult decision with heavy heart and will miss preschoolers this summer at camp. Full refund will be issued to all lower camp families.

Gymnastics / Science Camp

We will be converting registered gym and science camps to regular day camps. There will still be gymnastics and hands on science activities as part of regular day camp program. Full refund will be issued to families deciding not to register for day camp.

LTP Camp

As part of LTP camp, campers are assigned to various groups / specialized activities on daily rotation to develop leadership skills but due to guidance this year, they will not be permitted to co-mingle with other groups. All registered campers into LTP program will be grouped together based on their grade level as regular day camp. Full refund will be issued to families deciding not to register for day camp.

Day Camp Grouping

Campers and staff will stay with their assigned groups all day / week. Groups will be maxed out at 10 campers per group with 2 staff. Since group sizes will be smaller, they will also be co-ed. Groups will be assigned based on age and grade level. All groups will stay out door. In the event there is rain or thunder, groups will be moved indoor. As camp will be running with reduced capacity, we will be able to ensure when indoor, campers are still able to manage 6 feet physical distancing and not to wear mask. In cases where we are NOT able to maintain 6 feet distance, campers / staff will be required to wear mask.

Day Camp Sessions / Registrations

Camp will be running for 8 weeks this summer (June 22nd to August 14th).  July 3rd there will be no camp. As group sizes will be smaller and limited number of campers allowed in camp this summer, we kindly request families to review their summer plan and sign up by June 15th so that we can finalize camper numbers for the session. 

We are cancelling week 9 (August 17th to 21st) as we will be needing extra time this year to setup pre-school and gymnastic program for school year. Full refund will be issued to campers registered for week 9.

Camp Activities and Staff

Although some things may look a little different, we will still have the great, dedicated and highly trained staff around this summer. This will ensure our campers will have a happy, fun, and most importantly safe summer. Most activities will be held outdoors. There are still a ton of exciting activities that will be offered at camp this summer that are safe or we will make the necessary changes to make them safe. Here are a few:



Arts & Crafts


Co-op games




Pool (No swim lessons permitted in phase 2 but may be added at later date as per MA DPH guidance –  Only lower pool be opened this summer)

Daily Health Screening

All campers and staff members MUST complete a daily wellness check before entering campgrounds via google docs (link will be provided by no later than June 18th). Staff will get temperature checked every day upon entry. Campers will be temperature checked (with infrared thermometers) before entry (inside car) as well. More information to follow on how to complete in-home health check will be followed next week.

Medical Staff

We will be having registered nurse onsite while camp is in operation and various staff members who are first-aid and CPR certified. All staff members will receive thorough training on COVID-19 medical check procedures and will also be provided with the proper PPE.

Sanitation, Hand Washing and Cleaning at Camp

We are working hard at CWW to keep grounds cleaner than ever. We will complete proper procedures to keep equipment clean and safe. All equipment’s will be cleaned/disinfected after each group use by counselors/specialists. Restrooms will be dedicated to each group that are spread between various buildings and will be assigned to the group for 8 weeks. Restrooms will be cleaned at scheduled times during the day. Deep cleaning will continually take place of indoor areas and any shared spaces to ensure safety on regular basis. Campers and staff will be required frequent hand washing throughout the day. 

Physical Distancing and Masks 

This summer, certain activities and games will be modified to ensure physical distancing. Campers will stay with their assigned group all day/week. That means, they will be with the same campers and staff members all day and throughput the summer and will not co-mingle with other groups. Campers and staff are required to wear masks whenever physical distancing is not possible. Staff will make it feel as normal as possible for the kids. When distancing is able to happen, masks won’t be needed. All campers are required to bring everyday 2 clean face mask from home which must be labeled with camper name and clearly marked which side shall be facing outward.

If positive COVID-19 Case at Camp

In case camper or staff tested positive for COVID-19 during camp, they must not return to camp until they have consulted and cleared by their medical provider to return to camp. Camp will notify families and staff about exposure while maintaining confidentiality. All campers and staff that have been in close contact with the COVID-19 case will be sent home and required at home isolation for 14 days. 


At Camp West Woods, we will make it our goal to communicate with parents and families in a quick and thoughtful manner. This summer, more than ever, communication is extremely important as our community strives to stay safe and healthy. We promise to keep you updated and informed! We will continue to monitor CDC/ACA/MA DPH/Stoughton Board of Health guidelines and will make updates to these procedures accordingly.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our COVID-19 procedures, please contact us at office@campwestwoods.com or call us at 781-341-4424

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