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Camp starts June 24th!
Post High School Prep Camp

One week only: August 12- 23, 2019

This camp is designed for campers who have an eye to the future. It’s never too early to get ready for what’s next. Are you preparing for college? A career? Or both? Which ever your answer is this camp is going to give you a head start.

Learn how to identify your natural skill set. Do you strive to excel in an area you are already skilled or do you desire the challenge of learning something new? One of the most difficult tasks a high school graduate has after graduating is determining what to do next.

This camp has a focus on the building blocks of success: communication, confidence and coordination. Take part in a mock interview and get critiqued by your peers. Understand the importance of word choice and body language. Know and build on your skills. Construct a professional resume for future employment. Learn how to access scholarships and what makes an application get attention.

Understand the costs associated with college and learn how to create a budget, for your money and for your time. Are those applications and financial aid forms confusing? This course will help to bring clarity to those areas and more.

Post High School Prep Camp is constructed for campers in grades 11 and 12,  but any high school age camper is welcome to attend. Register today!

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